Out of all the main directives we have as a community in War Houndz the main one that War Houndz owes most of it’s initial success to back in 2011 during the release of Gears of War 3 is to accept new joins and give them the knowledge to improve their skill set and knowledge to improve their game experience.

#PROJECTONYX is a mission to revive that effort in taking our members and giving them the knowledge and examples to “step-up” their game and better the community with a larger pool of experienced, skillful, and dedicated gears. Any posts you find on our website with the keyword “#PROJECTONYX” in front of it is related to this mission. I hope to see the members of this community become influenced by this knowledge and better themselves as a whole from it.

As of right now #PROJECTONYX’s main effort will be focused on the competitive game modes Escalation & Execution. Focus on other game modes will is to be determined on our success as a whole with this first step. It can’t be done alone and is only going to be successful if we, as a whole, put in the effort to learn, practice, and execute these fundamentals ingame.

I look forwards to the growth of experience and skillset of our community and will be there every step of the way.

Founder of War Houndz